A New Approach to Finding Your Purpose

How do we figure out what we want to do in life?  Traditionally, we start by choosing an area of interest, selecting a job that fits that interest, and then following a path of training (college, etc.) that will allow a pursuit of that career.

Unfortunately, a majority of us who use interests alone as a guide to career choice find ourselves working in a job totally unrelated to our training, or very dissatisfied in our chosen career. Why?

Research reveals that the lowest level of career satisfaction occurs when one's career choice is based solely on one's interests.

The highest indicator of career satisfaction is actually one’s brain “wiring”, meaning how one's brain encodes and organizes information within the context of one's personality. Our holistic model of career development has been carefully designed to guide you to a career that fits your unique physiological/psycho-social design, as well as your values, skills and interests.


What We Offer

Stephanie Kern, M.Ed.

Stephanie Kern, M.Ed.

Career Selection Program

We offer a unique three part career coaching program for clients seeking a succinct approach to finding a new life path.

Over the course of three consultations, you will discover how your brain is wired, and develop a set of "core criteria" based upon your unique design.  By session three, you will have gained the information needed to successfully choose a satisfying career and make lifelong career decisions. Open to adults, and teens age 17 and older.

  • Initial Session - $285 (Includes: Initial intake session fee, assessment cost, setup, and materials, and results review)

  • Sessions two and three - $120 each

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Stephanie understood how to flesh out and discover the attributes that made me click and what my personal values were. Then from there, we investigated and validated opportunities that would be the right fit." -- Jess P.

"This was awesome. Anyone who wants to have help finding a good career should do this." -- Drew R.

Are you experiencing anxiety and depression?

For some clients, a lack of direction or satisfaction in their career can cause numerous related life struggles, including an increase in anxiety and can even exacerbate depression. If you are experiencing anxiety and depression, it may be related to your career dissatisfaction. For clients who feel their anxiety and depression may be related to their career situation, we provide research-based career support within the context of mental health counseling.