We offer connection-focused couples therapy and inner healing for couples and individuals desiring to uncover root issues surrounding life’s struggles. Our counselors are nationally and regionally licensed, and accept most forms of insurance plans.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (406) 585-7300.


Couples Therapy

Our connection to our romantic partners plays a crucial role in how we navigate through life’s joys and pains. When we unite in love with our partners, we make a choice to put the relationship above ourselves so we can create the strength we need to cope in this world.

Connection takes sacrifice and humility, but offers a beautiful sense of giving and grace.

A healthy relationship also requires the ability to respond to our partners with healthy emotions instead of reactive behaviors for effective communication.

In our counseling sessions, clients focus on these primary areas – relationship first, sacrifice, grace, forgiveness, and healthy emotions – all to build strong bonds through vulnerability.


Inner Healing

Inner healing is an approach that gets to the root source of psychological distress due to trauma or other life events that interrupt our sense of well-being and connection to God. Each of us cope with life’s attachment losses, trauma, and related emotional pain in ways that tend to open doors to depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders and cognitive distortions.

Inner healing can get to the root of the lies we may believe about ourselves.

It can also uncover and resolve the inner vows we make that limit our ability to thrive, the unforgiveness we may hold for others, spiritual disconnection with God, addictive behaviors, and damaging generational patterns.