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The Art of Effective Communication

Couples Workshop

Facilitators: Chip Kern, LCPC and Stephanie Kern, M.Ed.

This one day, experiential workshop is designed to support couples seeking to improve their communication and connection. This is an opportunity to build skills that allow for a new understanding of conflict.

This workshop is a great fit for couples…

  • Seeking to communicate better and achieve a greater level of intimacy

  • Finding they argue too much and/or have difficulty resolving conflict

  • Struggling with anger, reactivity and/or withdrawal and silence

  • Blended family couples

  • Couples finding it hard to commit to longer term therapy

While this workshop is delivered in a group setting, partners will process and practice each tool privately as a couple and not with other couples in attendance.

Re-align your understanding of conflict and create intimacy in communication.

In this workshop, we will focus on four main areas to re-align our thinking around conflict and create intimacy in communication:

  1. The art of listening: Are you tuned into your partner or tuned into yourself?

  2. The art of leaning in: Utilizing empathy and validation to calm the body and decrease reactivity.

  3. The art of reconciliation: Utilizing the power of humility and intentionality to achieve forgiveness through reconciliation.

  4. The art of sharing: Telling our family of origin story utilizing curiosity and an intentional desire to understand your partner.

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